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4 Signs it is Time to Get a Divorce

Sometimes despite our best efforts, marriages go astray and divorce is the only viable option. It is hard to end a relationship that you’ve committed to but there are numerous signs that say that option is the best choice that you can make. There are many signs that indicate the time to divorce has probably arrived, but the four above are the biggest.

1- It is time to talk to a divorce attorney Norfolk when you’re happier when your spouse is away than when they’re in your presence. If the sight of your spouse makes your stomach turn, all love is gone and separation is the only option. You shouldn’t stay in a loveless marriage another day!

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2- Any time there is abuse in a relationship it is time to get up and go. Mental, physical, emotional, and financial abuse takes their toll quickly. Abuse in any form is never okay and always the biggest reason to get out. It is an extremely unhealthy environment and one that you should free yourself from as quickly as possible.

3- Do you dream of another person? Are you mentally cheating on your spouse with someone else? If you’re dreaming of others and not your spouse, it is safe to say that it is time to reevaluate your marriage and decide if it is worth staying or if you’d be happier living your own life.

4- You feel like you’d be better off alone, or at least without your spouse. Some people enjoy the freedom that the single life offers, especially after a relationship gone bad. If you do not desire the company of your partner and feel much happier, sane and in control when they’re not around, it is best to listen to your heart’s desires.