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How to Assist a Loved One in Jail

Life happens and when it does, it sometimes happens the opposite of what you plan. When life happens and you land in jail, you certainly want friends, family, and loved ones to have your back and help you out until you’re once again free. Doing hard time is most certainly the only way to describe being in jail. Should someone you know face the same situation, make sure that you cover their needs, too.

When you’re behind bars, it feels as if you’re lost from the world. There’s no communication, you cannot come and go as you please, and for the most part stay behind thick metal bars for much of the time. Placing money on an inmate phone account eases some of the feelings of loneliness that an inmate incarcerated behind bars will feel. Although there is a very short time to talk, even one or two phone calls makes a difference.

send money to inmate in county jail

It is easy to send money to inmate in county jail. You can send in as little or as much as you want (up to the maximum allowable amount for the facility) and the inmate can use this money to buy commissary items. The items available to items for purchase will vary, but there are snacks, drinks, hygiene items, etc. that they can choose from to buy. Remember, the jail does not provide these items to inmates!

Sending letters to the inmate/friend is also a way to keep in touch and make sure they’re okay during this stint. When writing letters to inmates, note that jail facility reads all mail that comes into the facility and that certain items may not be allowed into the facility. It takes a couple extra days to deliver the mail to the inmate than regular mail times.